March 2021 – May 2022


Funded by Prospero Zambia, the Foundation for the Realization of Economic Empowerment Limited (FREE) and Aid to Artisans have partnered together for the FREE product development project in Zambia. The purpose of the project was to form and train three new artisan groups in Zambia’s Western Province, create new products in basketry and brooms, and prepare a new social enterprise for export to the global market. Kupanga Global partnered with FREE as the social enterprise that will provide the link to global markets. Technical assistance was also provided to Kupanga Global to access global markets.

Project Goals

  • Provide sector-specific inputs to help FREE develop two new product ranges for international markets
  • Provide onsite training by a basketry designer
  • Develop new product ranges, including price points
  • Advice on branding and product presentation to international standards
  • Identify target markets and develop strategies for reaching target markets for both product ranges
  • Provide general inputs/business advice as relevant

Accomplishments as of May 31st, 2022

  • Completion of two new product ranges consisting of baskets and brooms
  • Trained representative of the artisan group to produce the new designs
  • Developed a marketing strategy for Kupanga Global, in order to prepare KG to compete in the global marketplace including:
    • Coaching on the design of an eCommerce website
    • Coaching on establishing proper price points for retail and wholesale within the US, European, Australian, and AsianmarketsoAdvice on branding, including logo, marketing materials such as line sheets, look books, and catalogs, POS displays, packaging, and tags
    • Advice on selection of professional product photography
    • Finalization of branding and marketing strategy for Kupanga Global
  • Provided training to Kupanga Global in Artisan Marketing, Artisan Branding, and Artisan Product Development via Artisan Business Lab
  • Provided one-on-one coaching to Kupanga Global on the final market strategy and costing and pricing of the new product ranges

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Project Lead in the U.S.

Lauren Barkume, Training Director, Aid to Artisans-