Funded by the World Bank and the Japan Social Development Fund, and implemented by the Indus Heritage Trust, “Developing Artisanal Livelihoods in Rural Pakistan” (RANG) (”color” in Urdu) is to improve livelihoods of rural artisans in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh.  It alleviates poverty and improve living conditions for weavers and embroiderers, most of them women and girls, and their families. The project aims to assist around 2,600 vulnerable artisan households, especially those headed by women, at the bottom of the economic pyramid. Averaging 7 members in each family in the project areas, RANG is expected to benefit a population of about 18,200 individuals, about 70% of them women.

The specific goal for ATA is to help “bring Pakistan to World”, by means of modernizing the beautiful embroidery traditions still practiced in rural communities and making them relevant to today’s international buyers. Modernizing Pakistani artisan products is one small part of the overall strategy of revealing a “softer” image of Pakistan to the international community.

Accomplishments as of April 30, 2017

  • Conducted its “Rapid Assessment of RANG Design, Training and Marketing Needs” in Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Assisting in the merchandising of RANG products at the grand opening event of “Hunar ke Rang” and at the Saidhpur village bazaar
  • Participated in the Round Table Discussion, “Taking Pakistan to the World”, to discuss global markets for Pakistan’s hand-made, traditional crafts in contemporary designs and products
  • Exhibited a collection of beautiful hand-embroidered products at the ATA Display Room during the Market Readiness Program and connected with over 10 international buyers
  • Implemented 2 international long distance design workshop in preparation for NY NOW Feb 2017.
  • Participated for the first time at the NY NOW Feb 2017 and generated over $7,000 USD in sales. 
  • Completed a international design workshop in country in preparation for the NY NOW Aug 2017.

Project Lead in US

Monika Steinberger
Director of Programs and Business Development