October 2017- Sept 2019


Funded by the State Department, Aid to Artisans, along with its local partner International Institute of Human Development (IDH),  is implementing the two-year project “Building Export Capacity in Tunisia” (CAP-X). CAP-X aims to create employment opportunities by supporting an increase in Tunisian handicraft exports. This project provides technical expertise to Tunisian artisans to enable them to fine tune their products to meet the international standards. Aid to Artisans is partnering with the Tunisian government (Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Commerce, and the National Office of Handicraft) to facilitate the participation of artisans in international markets and to increase the export of their products. IDH will master Aid to Artisans ATA’s training methodology and continue as a support organization for the Tunisian artisan sector. Special focus is given to women artisans from underserved areas, including rural areas and the interior regions of Tunisia.

ATA will work with 50 entrepreneurs and 250 rural artisans through a series of trainings that build the capacity of both artisans and local designers to better respond to the market demands and sustain market links with the ultimate goal of increasing economic opportunities. The program strategy includes an artisan enterprise assessment, enterprise selection, continued alliance partner cultivation, a local Market Readiness program for enterprise representatives and local designers, product development and design consultancies, costing and pricing workshops, production capacity training, buyer cultivation, and tradeshow participation at NYNOW and the Las Vegas Market.

Project Lead in US

Monika Steinberger


Project Lead in Tunisia

Emna Jeblaoui


Partners in Tunisia

International Institute of Human Development