Aid to Artisan’s latest project is a collaboration with the government of the state of Tlaxcala and artisans from this small state that is famous for its embroidery. Forty artisans hailing from municipalities of Contla, Chiautempan, Ixtenco, San Pablo del Monte, Calpulalpan and Panotla with a background of textile crafts will be part of four workshops being conducted by ATA.

ATA designers Mimi Robinson and Paola Martínez Pascual are busy working with embroiders, weavers and costume makers in Tlaxcala, adding special touches to their traditional techniques to develop craft pieces for the US market. The artisans and designers are drawing inspiration from the traditional sarape, treadle loom and traditional motifs to create handcrafted textiles that are being modified for overseas markets.


Besides blending the new and old in creating an innovative style, this project will highlight color innovation, using natural colors derived from roots, plants and seeds. Our designers plan to experiment with metallic thread in a mix of organic cotton thread and sequins with embroidery to give products a new look. Tlaxcala artisans’ new collection will make its debut in NY NOW this summer at the ATA booth and their products of the treadle loom, embroidery, knit and crochet techniques will be reflected in the form of pillows, floor cushions, rugs and handbags.