ATA’s third annual Holiday Craft Sale was a great success. We hosted artisans’ products from over 20 countries this year, such as Egypt, Tanzania, Colombia, Turkey, Nepal, Guatemala and many more. We had also a very wide range of crafts, from necklaces and scarves to cushions and wine holders, which were all unique pieces embodying the spirit of our artisans, who made each of them with passion. Here is a highlight of the featured artisan groups.

  • Janakpur Women’s Development Center, a Nepali organization seeking to create sustainable solutions to support and empower women artisans from Maithil culture in the Janakpur area.
  • Soma Artisans, which provides economic opportunities for women in the region of Soma, Manisa, Turkey, by producing crafted home décor.
  • Bahari Deco Crafts, from Tanzania, set itself the goal to share the cultural celebration of the Kanga cloth, which is part of the Swahili culture, through the making of skirts, bags and other handcrafts.
  • African Women and Youth Initiative, an organization providing income opportunities to local artisans in Kenya, by producing well-made beaded handbags, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.
  • Dokkan Craft, a newly established craft gallery aiming to help the artisan communities in Egypt.

We were thrilled to see that so many came by despite the bad weather. We want to thank the ATA community and the people who donated and supported our cause, and we invite you to come even more massively next year to continue to help our artisans worldwide.