A Look Back at May 2023

Can you believe it? We are halfway through the year already! We hope you enjoy reading the project highlights from May which includes meeting new faces and offering new training opportunities.

Webinars That Can Help You Grow Your Business

We hosted two live webinars last month discussing Brand Activations with Kelly Bennett and How to Promote Your Products to Buyers with Annie Waterman.

One key insight that Kelly brought to our attention was that successful brand activation means increasing brand awareness, brand engagement and more, through creating a memorable experience. You can access the webinar replay HERE to learn more.

Annie taught us that when it comes to marketing your brand to buyers, you want to make them dream about your country. They want to be taken there through your photos, products, and stories. She told us that “you want to pull the customers in by showing what is traditional and what your countries’ landscape looks like. You need to be the storyteller and have fun creating a dream for clients.” Curious to learn more? Access the webinar replay HERE.

Pictured: Kelly Bennett on top of image, Annie Waterman on bottom of image

Thinking of Exporting into the US Market?

Last month, we launched a free quiz on Artisan Business Lab, designed specifically to help assess your readiness to expand to the US market. Your answers to the quiz will give you valuable insights into the areas of your business that may require improvements before venturing into the US market.

To help you access the tools you need to expand to the US market, join our annual eMarket Readiness Program (eMRP)! The 4-day, comprehensive online training program supports artisan businesses like yours to successfully enter the US market. We hope you join us, with fellow entrepreneurs, and artisan industry experts online from September 19-22, 2023.

Early bird registration is now open! If you sign up before June 21st, 2023, you will get $100 off your ticket when you use coupon code EARLYBIRD2023 at checkout, an offer that will not be repeated in the future. So, take the first step and explore the free export quiz HERE, and to learn more about the eMRP, click HERE.

Pictured: NoorAari and Bandipora products from Jammu and Kashmir, India at the 2022 Summer Las Vegas Market show. Image by Lauren Barkume

From India to the USA: A Visit to ATA’s D.C. Office

As the COVID-19 pandemic is coming to an end, it has been great to be able to meet with people in person again. Last month, 6 visitors from India came to ATA’s office in Washington D.C. as a part of the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, a program implemented by Meridian International Center.

This specific IVLP program for small businesses and entrepreneurs from India aims to highlight factors that influence and encourage small business and innovation in the US, trends in management, marketing, finance and operations, meeting counterparts in the US that are involved in impacting social change, and more.

ATA got to meet with social entrepreneurs from Bala Vikasa, HerWin Eco Infra Private Limited, Nature’s Bio Plastic, and Detour Odisha. The group also included a journalist from The Times of India and a member of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. We had fruitful discussions about our missions and passions, and we shared insights about our organizations. It was a valuable experience that left a lasting impression on all of us.

Pictured: ATA Training Director, Lauren Barkume, and ATA Program Associate, Hannah Klein, meeting with the 6 IVLP visitors at ATA’s office in Washington D.C. Director, Maud Obe, and Senior Program Manager, Rachel Landale, joined the meeting virtually.

A Thank You to ATA’s Intern, Anupriya Mishra

Collaboration and idea-sharing foster exceptional work. By bringing on interns, ATA embraces fresh perspectives, fuels innovation, and

offers them valuable education and work experience. Together, we create a thriving environment that benefits both interns and ATA’s mission.

From March-May 2023, ATA had the honor of working with Anupriya Mishra, an intern who focused on researching fundraising opportunities specifically for Artisan Business Lab. Anupriya is from India, is living in Boston, and will be pursuing a Masters in Non-Profit Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.

She told us:

“Working at ATA provided me with valuable insights into fundraising practices and the nonprofit sector in the US. I also developed skills in creating impactful pitch decks and gained a broader understanding of supporting artisans globally. I’m grateful for the inclusive and supportive environment created by ATA.”

Thank you, Anupriya, for your hard work and good luck with your studies!

Image: Anupriya Mishra headshot

What’s to Come in June

-ATA’s US team will be developing our strategy for the future together in Washington D.C.

-Early Bird sales period will come to an end for the eMarket Readiness Program

Tamula will exhibit at the Fancy Food Show in New York City

-Artisan entrepreneurs from Madagascar and Uganda who attended TFO Canada’s Market Familiarization trip in February will be participating in one-on-one coaching sessions with ATA consultants to get feedback on their businesses.

Image: President and Chairman of the Board for Creative Learning Bill Kruvant, Director Maud Obe, and Training Director Lauren Barkume, visiting Eastern Accents at the High Point Market.