Over the past decade at Creative Learning, ATA has transformed itself while remaining steadfast in its dedication to empowering artisans and artisan businesses globally. This impact report is a testament to ATA’s remarkable journey and achievements from 2012-2022, as well as our vision for the future.

The report starts with a brief history of ATA since its founding in 1976. We then delve into the impact we have had in the past decade, addressing our approach to aiding artisans, training, access to markets, product development, and our grant programs. We conclude the report by acknowledging all the members of our community who have contributed to ATA’s successful operation over the last 10 years.

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A Sneak Peek into the Report

Our Beneficiaries

In the last decade, ATA has worked directly with over 17,500 beneficiaries, 85% of whom are women. We have even reached over 91,600 individuals indirectly through our work.

Our Training and Capacity Building

We have provided training to more than 13,000 individuals and delivered nearly 13 million training hours, resulting in a 97% satisfaction rating towards our initiatives.

Access to Markets

Market access is central to our methodology of creating economic opportunities for artisan businesses. Through participation in 131 local tradeshows and events, along with 62 international tradeshows, our beneficiaries have not only achieved $4 million in direct sales but have also established connections with over 3,600 new buyers.

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