January 2017-August 2017


In collaboration with the state of Tlaxcala, Aid to Artisans is implementing a 7-month project entitled Artisanal Textiles of Tlaxcala. This project aims to make the textiles of the artisans in Tlaxcala more competitive to increase their standard of living benefiting their families and communities, without losing their traditions and original techniques, and linking them to the market. Working with 40 artisans from the municipalities of Contla, Chiautempan, Ixtenco, San Pablo del Monte, Calpulalpan and Panotla, Aid to Artisans’ role is to complete the following objectives:

1.      Modernization of designs: enrichment of the artisan tradition and cultural heritage through contemporary design and the development of products for new markets

2.     Business skills update

3.     Access to new markets.

Accomplishment as of April 30, 2017

  • Completed a Stakeholder Meeting with all the actors involved in the project including the beneficiaries, the funders, and local partners.
  • Completed a rapid assessment of the skills of the artisans who developed textiles including weaving, crochet, and embroidery.
  • Completed one international design workshop for a new product line to be exhibited at NY NOW in August 2017
  • Completed several local design workshops as a follow up of the international consultancy
  • Worked with over 40 artisans of whom 95% are women.
  • Over 75 new products are being developed

Project Lead in US

Monika Steinberger


Project Lead in Mexico

Maria-Eugenia Piñeda Melendez