Oct 1, 2017 – Dec 30, 2018


After completing a thorough assessment of the craft sector in Djibouti in the spring 2017, Aid to Artisans is currently implementing the second phase  “Artisan Women Initiative in Djibouti” as part of the Projet de Promotion de l’Emploi des jeunes et de l’Artisanat (PROPEJA), Job Promotion for Youth in Crafts project. Funded by the World Bank and the Japanese Government, through the Agence Djiboutienne de Development Social, PROPEJA aims to (i) provide access to practical skills and relevant trainings and (ii) access to finance for over 3000 youth and women living in poor communities located in Djibouti-ville, Arta, Tadjourah, and Ali Sabieh. The project has 2 components:

  1. Capacity building and micro-project competitions: The objective of this component is to provide solutions to the human, social and financial constraints faced by Djiboutian youth that hinder them from benefitting income-generating opportunities. At least 1000 beneficiaries will be able to access funds to start their micro-projects through a competition process by carrying out a business plan. This component focuses on the promotion of business skills and access to funds.
  2. Integration of women in the artisanal value chain: This component faces the constraints of innovation, development and commercialization of existing local products from a specific sector mainly populated by women. Through this component, 800 beneficiaries, mainly women, will receive direct or indirect training and financial assistance in the form of grants to improve their opportunities of income-generating activities for their crafts. These activities represent the predominant traditional artisanal activities of women in rural areas.

Aid to Artisans’ role in the project to implement a capacity building and product development workplan that will help about 400 women develop targeted new product designs and product collection to be sold in the local market events in embassies, hotels, and cultural centers located in Djibouti Town.

For more information about the program please read our newsletter article here.

Accomplishment as of Dec 1, 2017

  • Completed the market study and craft assessment in four areas, Djibouti-ville, Arta, Tadjourah, and Ali Sabieh
  • Completed 2 series of product development workshops in beading and basketry.
  • Reached to over 70 women to date.
  • Developed over 200 new product designs in home decor and fashion accessories
  • Completed a mini exhibition in Djibouti-ville generating over $5000 in sales. 

Project Lead in US

Maud Obe