The Baroque International Museum (Museo Internacional del Barroco) opened its doors to the public in February 2016. This new cultural and touristic attraction in Puebla is also the home of a new shop, located on the lower floor of the museum, where dozens of beautiful pieces crafted by the magical hands of Puebla’s artisans are displayed and sold.

In this brand new store, local artisans are displaying 142 different products that represent a diverse range of techniques and materials, from natural fibers and textiles to clay and blown glass. All these handmade products have been developed by the Aid to Artisans “Idea+Materia” project, with the support of the State of Puebla.


The Museum, designed by the talented Japanese architect Toyo Ito, was supported by Germany, Brazil, China, Spain, the Philippines, France, the US, Guatemala, India, Peru and Portugal, as well as 21 museums and Mexican collections. The museum was inaugurated by Mexican Secretary of Culture Rafael Tovar y de Teresa and by Puebla Governor Rafael Moreno Valle.


Built with the financial support of the federal and state governments and private investors, the 18,000 square meters International Museum of Baroque is dedicated to classic, modern and contemporary baroque, and is one of the most ambitious projects in the history of Puebla. The 2-floor building is home of many permanent exhibition rooms, including some devoted to science and nature, as well as an auditorium, a terrace and an outdoor patio.


Aid to Artisans is very proud of being associated with such an amazing project, which also serves as a great marketing avenue for our beautiful Idea+Materia artisans’ products whose quality is drawing more and more buyers every day.