Aid to Artisans is working in Haiti as part of a three-year project funded by the U.K.’s Big Lottery Fund.  This project re-integrates people living with HIV (PLHIVs) into economic life by generating sustainable income to support their families through handmade crafts. In partnership with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (IHAA) UK and the Haitian organization Promoteurs d’Objectif Zerosida (POZ), ATA recently launched several product development and capacity-building workshops on the production of bamboo jewelry for 420 PLHIVs in nine Northern communities of Haiti, including Limbe, Limonade, and Milot.  During the life of the project,  ATA will continue to provide further product development workshops with new local raw materials (i.e. seeds and local foliage) to enlarge their product collections and sell them on the local tourist markets.

Accomplishments as of December 31, 2015

  • 60 PLHIV’s artisans have been trained in bamboo bangles design and production workshops.
  • Over 20 new designs were created for various styles of bamboo bangles
  • 19 of the most dedicated trainee formed the enterprise called Bamboo Chic
  • Over 10 market linkages have been made to date
  • More than $15,000 in sales has been placed in purchase orders.
  • Established a production workshop space for Bamboo Chic
  • More than 1000 bangles has been sold so far

Project Lead in US

Maud Obe
Senior Manager – ATA Programs

Partners & Collaborators

Big Lottery Fund

International HIV/AIDS Alliance (IHAA) UK

Promoteurs d’Objectif Zerosida (POZ)